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A vision of the future, where innovation meets excellence.


Quaternium mission is to design the most advanced multirotor UAVs in the market. We combine experience and high tech to develop a disruptive product that aims to revolutionize the  multicopter field. With this ultimate innovation, flight duration is increased 6 times compared to existing alternatives.

Behind this revolutionary system is JL Cortex, founder of Quaternium Technologies, and one of the pioneers in the field of multirotor engineering. JL Cortex is also the creator of the Spidex, a professional UAV for aerial filming, successfully sold worldwide.

Quaternium values


We invest in research and development of advanced unmanned aerial technologies to make them easier to use and more reliable for professional applications in the topography, farming and surveillance industries.


Reaching further while keeping our products simple is one of our core motos. We believe in progress through making things easier and accessible to more customers every day.


Quaternium is committed to ensure high-quality safety measures and follow best practices, with redundant security subsystems that prevent accidents in case of any type of failure.