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Spidex PRO: Compact and accurate UAV

The professional version of the popular Spidex. One of the most compact and flexible UAVs  in the market, with thousand of flight hours in all kinds of environments.

Foldable frame

The key feature of Spidex PRO is its folding structure. With its unique compact design, transport is very easy, being able to carry the UAV anywhere in a comfortable case. Spidex Pro folds with both camera and batteries installed, getting it out from its case and ready to fly in only 30 seconds.

Highly stable

Spidex PRO has a noble and accurate way to be piloted. Its clever design, with the gimbal stabilization device on the front and the center of gravity at the same height of the propeller thrust, avoids the pendulum or inertial effect that other devices suffer. The centered masses give that fast and precise pilotage that allows to take very dynamic scenes, with speed and quick response to avoid obstacles.


Perfect for professional filming, topography and inspection when operations require a smaller UAV. Its compact dimensions and modular design makes it a very flexible product for different scenarios, allowing many payload configurations without losing stability or accuracy.

Product specifications