• spidexSPIDEX V3

    The Spidex V3 is the new version of the popular Spidex. The frame incorporates a Gopro3 stabilization system consisting of a passive system that uses the weight of the battery isolate the frame of vibration by elastic support, and brushless gimbal.

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  • camera-stabilizerMOBIGO

    MobiGo is a 3-axis camera stabilizer for GoPro3 with the latest technology available, MobiGo is based on the use of solid state gyroscopes and direct-drive actuators.

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  • exacopterSPIDEX PRO

    The Spidex Pro is a folding frame for easy transport with a half-load capacity and professional features but without losing the original spirit of the Spidex. Suitable for for NEX5/7, GF2 and even GH2.

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Spidex MicroV2

on Sunday, 20 April 2014. Posted in Quaternium Blog

Spidex Micro Prototype

Spidex MicroV2

Spidex MicroV2 will the upgrade of this very popular frame.

The MICRO frame designed for FPV mounting mobius camera. This new version includes both PCB upper and lower frames. Also some parts like arms are made by machined aluminium, these are also independent pieces from the body frame for easy replacement in case of crash.

Spidex Pro

Spidex V3

Spidex Micro




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